Water Filtration Process in Danforth

July 5, 2011 at 4:10 pm | Category: Water Filtration

Alkaline water has changed the lives of millions of people around the world. Water filtration in Danforth is the process of removing unwanted chemicals and also the biological contaminants from water. Generally it is purified for drinking purposes, but can also be purified for other purposes like to meet the medical and industrial use. Filtration is a physical process of purifying drinking water and it is normally a common method used by the majority of people. Consumable H2O is normally purified to reduce the concentration of unwanted components like suspended particles, bacteria, fungi etc that might be harmful to your health.

You cannot gauge whether or not water is of good quality just by visual examination. Boiling or filters are not enough for water treatment in Danforth and all the contaminants that might be contained in it. Not all H2O is healthy; therefore you must take proper precaution to ensure it is treated for good for your health. There are various ways of treating your water; one of them is by pumping and containment. It should be pumped from the source or aided into pipes or storage tanks. These physical infrastructures meant for holding water should be constructed using appropriate materials so as to avoid adding contaminants again. Distilled water normally has a pH lower than 7.0 (neutral), it is usually acidic and void of alkaline minerals. A person could drink a gallon of distilled H2O a day and a doctor couldn’t tell that person was hydrated well enough. pH is used in determining the alkalinity or acidity. For example, sea water has a pH of 8.3 which is alkaline.

Acidic water is lower than pH 7.0 and thus lime or soda ash is normally added to increase the pH. Of the two, lime is more common since it is cheap, but it also makes it hard. Water should be alkaline so that coagulation and flocculation work effectively and also help in reducing the risk of lead being dissolved from lead pipes. Filtration is the final step in getting rid of the remaining suspended particles and unsettled floc in your water. One of the common water filters is the rapid sand filter which allows water to move vertically through sand which has a layer of activated carbon or anthracite coal on top of the sand. When cleaning this type of filter, water is run quickly upwards through the filter, in the opposite direction. This method of cleaning is commonly referred to as backflushing or backwashing.

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