Repairing Shower Leaks in York

July 5, 2011 at 3:48 pm | Category: Plumbing Repair

If you ever come across a pipe with water dripping from it or one of your York bathroom walls soaking in water, you may be witnessing a clear case of a water leak. Sometimes, the leaks are not easy to identify until you find substantial dampness in your home.

Why is your shower leaking?

The task of identifying a shower leak is tricky, but not impossible. Shower repairs that invite a pressing need for professional help generally take place because of one of the following reasons:

o Quality of grouting is bad. The grouting between the tiles is not strong enough.
o Leakage in the tap or tap fittings.
o Fault in plumbing.
o Gap in between the shower recess wall and the shower floor.

Steps to identifying a shower leak

You can start with visual inspection of the site that is showing particular dampness. It will help you ascertain the type of shower leak you are facing. It can be a constant leak or a periodic leak. Constant leak is indicative of plumbing pipes under constant pressure. The non-periodic leak will show themselves only when you would use the shower and/or for sometime after that.

o Check the rubbers attached to the panels.
o Check the condition of the sealant around the channel, the panel joints and the entire frame.

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