Brampton Sump Pump Replacement

July 5, 2011 at 5:26 pm | Category: Plumbing Installation

Many Brampton homeowners wait until the last possible moment, when the Brampton sump pump is no longer working, to seek sump replacement. Homeowners can save money with quicker action.

It is unfortunate that many homeowners ignore their sump until they malfunction. Homeowners should have their sump pumps maintained once a year. This additional short-term expense will save money over the long term.

When Do I Need To Replace My Sump Pump?

If the pump gets regular maintenance, rely on the opinion of the technician who performs the work. Otherwise, replace your home’s functioning sump pump at the ten-year mark.

However, if the pump does not receive regular maintenance, and it is more than several years old, then replace rather than repair the pump immediately.
The reason for this is that old Brampton pumps that require repair will continue to require repair on a more frequent basis.

With immediate replacement, Brampton homeowners can save money by avoiding the pump repair costs that will add up.

What Is the Process to Replacing a Sump Pump?

The first step is an assessment of exterior drainage. Contrary to popular belief, most water problems in a basement are due to poor exterior drainage rather than a problem with the basement.

A professional should perform assessment of external drainage. Even if one chooses to install the equipment oneself, hire a consultant for the initial assessment and for the purchase of proper equipment.

• Assess drainage needs
• Plan the system
• Basement floor preparation
• Sump pit installation
• Equipment installation

Should I Hire a Professional to Replace My Sump?

When it’s time for sump pump replacement, homeowners should hire a Brampton skilled professional.

While the equipment installation may seem simple, there are many pitfalls awaiting the novice installer. The slightest error could lead to thousands of dollars of damage to one’s home or property. In light of this, modest labor costs seem like a bargain.

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